The community of public safety and civil protection gathered on December 1st at the Public Safety Communications Europe Conference in Brussels. PSCE is an independent forum specialising in civil and public security issues, where representatives of user organisations, industry and research institutes can meet to discuss and exchange ideas and best practice, and develop strategic documents for policy makers. This year, the Conference was focused on 3 core challenges faced by the EU civil security community : How can AI enhance first responders’ situation awareness ? How to improve preparedness? What are the solutions for emergency communications?

At this occasion, ENSOSP had the opportunity to present the range of EU-funded projects in which the Academy is involved, and more specifically the projects aiming at enhancing First Responders’ safety and operational capabilities, and in particular the FASTER project. A roll-up presenting the latest activities as well as the exploitation avenues for the project was displayed in the “Poster Session” area of the Conference and discussions took place with participants to raise awareness about the project’s expected outcomes.