Innovation capacity

FASTER: from one side provides the pure technologies introduction innovation which could represent a tangible step beyond the state of the art; from the other side the project faces barriers to introduction represented by the lack of capacity in digesting such technologies on field operation. FASTER  is proposing a smooth approach intended to facilitate the introduction of those new technologies also using principles of capacity building for first responders.

Strengthen competitiveness and growth of companies

In particular SMEs which will share research knowledge, could build on that their future offer, taking advantage from FASTER outcomes, stimulating, at the same time, their growth. Larger companies will be more interested in devices and structural technologies which could be engineered after the project end.

New market opportunities

Being the project focused on a maximum of TRL 6 solution, a real market opportunity is too far to be estimated, but technologies and supported tools are in line with the market expectation.

Issues related to climate change or the environment

FASTER have to deal with hazardous environments making this issue a substantial impact of the project. These environments have impact in both the safety of the population (and most especially in the safety of the First Responders) as well as environmental impacts.

The risks faced by First Responders and K9 units are divided in those concerning the visible and those concerning the non-visible environmental hazards. FASTER  addresses environmental hazards by a continuous assessment of the environment, analysing inputs from available sensors embedded in mainly two technologies: wearables (for both the First Responders and K9 units); and UxVs able to reach hard/impossible areas. These technologies will be complemented with Augmented Reality (AR) in order to extend the visible environmental hazards with non-visible information. Both technologies are employed to inspect, provide live imagery, and collect data to ensure a viable environment for the First Responders and K9 units.