The Japanese trial pilot organized by Kwansei Gakuin University’s Intelligent Blockchain+ Innovation Research Center (KGU/IBIRC) was held at Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Management and Training Center in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on July 26, 2021.

As first responder groups, Tarumi Fire Station of Kobe City Fire Bureau, Japan Rescue Association (a civil canine trainers’ organization), and Sanda Chapter of Regional Revitalization & Disaster Prevention Useful Drone Promoters Association (a civil drone operators’ organization) participated in a total of 11 human professionals and two canines.

Additionally, a laboratory of Tohoku University participated as a developer of a “Made in Japan” cyber canine suit.

This pilot consisted of three parts simulating a major earthquake and fire. The first part in a debris field simulated victim search with canines wearing a dog wearable suit developed by Tohoku University. Five firefighters demonstrated G-COP[1], 2D Mapping[2], MORSE[3], and AR application[4] for victim search in the debris field in the second part. In the third part, the firefighters demonstrated a victim search in an indoor mock maze using G-COP, 2D Mapping, MORSE, AR application, and drone gesture control. This pilot was the first occasion for FASTER to use MORSE, AR application, and gesture control simultaneously in a pilot.

A local newspaper and a local TV station reported this pilot in a positive sense. 

The pilot organizer thanks all the local partners and FASTER member organizations for making this pilot possible.

[1] Developed by ENGINEERING, Italy <> 

[2] Developed by UNiWA, Greece <>

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