Two mobile robots have been developed by Robotnik for the FASTER project. They are performing tasks as teleoperated navigation through a dangerous environment, streaming RGB and thermal video to study the area and detect injured people prior to the First Responders, building of 3D maps, autonomous advanced navigation for transportation of tools or communication with potential victims.

On one hand, the RB-car is the first and unique all-terrain vehicle automated to perform emergency operations. The base of the vehicle is a commercial car sold by Polaris to be driven in an outdoor scenario with no stable terrain (e.g., not asphalted roads). This vehicle has been sensorized and automated by Robotnik to be able to offer to First Responders some specific and unique functions as: remote extended vision of the environment of the disaster scene, remote sensorization of the environment, autonomous navigation around the disaster scene able to carry staff needed, a driven vehicle sensorized to move around the scene and transport people, and the possibility to speak remotely through a speaker installed in the vehicle. Through the use of AI the RB-car is able to identify objects autonomously like persons, cars, trees and other objects of the environment.

On the other hand, the Summit XL robot is an own designed product of Robotnik. It is sensorized with cameras and lasers and it can navigate autonomously. As the rb-car, it can navigate avoiding obstacles, can be controlled by hand with a wireless joystick via Bluetooth, has Wi-Fi communication devices, and offers an interface accessible by HTTP to monitor the status of the vehicle, to send some goals, trajectories, 3D mapping missions, etc.

Both robots were demonstrated in the first outdoor Spanish Pilot and used to drive, identify victims and show an early 3D map. The Summit XL took part in the indoor first Finnish Pilot, where it was controlled by hand to get into the building and test the 3D map too. They will participate in both Final Pilots.

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