The congress, organised in the framework of the Co-VAL project, took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic on 22 January and the ERICAM representatives made an oral presentation of the FASTER project. 

(Co-VAL is an EU-funded project that aims to find new ways of examining value co-creation and its integration to transform public administration services and processes). The experience of sharing our improvement in the special way we work as international public rescuers was very enjoyable, we learned from other conference speakers from the University of Edinburgh, Lisbon Council, Bocconi University, Maastricht University, Athens Technology Centre regarding co-creation of value and innovation in European public administrations, with the aim to better understand the latest trends in public service research towards a real transformation of public administration in Europe.

In an enthusiastic line, we showed how FASTER tools, drones, robots and rescuers have made a co-creation of an enormous force to overcome in the best conditions the dangers and problems of a catastrophe, improving communication, real information of the whole area and seeking the safety of the actors involved, both professionals and volunteers. Advancing in development, coordination and efficiency. Within the audience there was special interest in the way of collecting information from citizens with social media and the way of rescuers would be communicated by chat. We explained aswell that these tools will be tested in this nearly Italian pilot. We were invited to next year.