“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” — Michelle Obama.

More than thirty R&D projects of various security topics have come together to co-organise this event to present their objectives and eventual results.

These projects – active within the Community of Users (CoU) of the EC/DG HOME – wish to bring together the scientific audience, researchers, industry and policy-makers on the same table of discussions to exchange knowledge, expertise, experience and ideas and to generate innovative approaches, solutions and systems that will enhance the security and safety for people and communities as well.

The MSE 2019 agenda covered all critical topics of the European Security Agenda including Protection of Critical Infrastructures, Disasters and Crises Management, Societal Resilience enhancement, security of the EU External Borders, the fight against organized Crime and Terrorism, security of Digital Systems and IoT as well as the raising challenges of Cybersecurity.

FASTER: New technologies to boost operational capabilities of First Responders while improving their safety

The Innovation Manager of FASTER project presented the ovearll scenario starting from needs discussed with first responders and local authorities to the enhancement of processes with the use of innovative services provided by new technologies. Technologies introduced ranged from the use of Augmented Reality, Autonomous vehicles, Wearable biometric sensors, resilient communication and drones both with specific objectives and swarm of them to patrol and support communication.

The Portable Common Operational Picture

All technologies will be usable through the use of FASTER mobile situation awareness dashboard.

Safety First Responders as a priority

Effectiveness of intervention coupled with an improived safety for First Responders are key priorities.

Co-Design as innovative approach

FASTER is establishing new ways of involving them in the development phase.

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FASTER first Role Play Game

The COVID 19 emergency is considered a priority for FASTER project partners soas been decided to prepare a stakeholders’ questionnaire to receive suggestions how project outcomes could contribute to future emergencies of the same type.

FASTER Plenary Meeting in Madrid

FASTER Plenary Meeting in Madrid

the 3rd FASTER plenary meeting was held in Madrid on February 18, 19 and 20. The team discussed about progress of work and agreed on the next steps. Moreover we visited the “Escuela Nacional de Protección Civil” (Spanish national School of Civil Protection) where FASTER will be exercised by the end of 2020, and the 112 coordination centre.