MADRID APRIL 4-5, 2022

Location: Escuela Nacional  de Proteccion Civil


FASTER (First responders advance technologies for safe and efficient emergency response) project is approaching the end of its lifecycle!

During three years of activities, first responders’ organizations co-operated with technical partners both in the design and piloting phase of the project to create tools that match first responders’ needs.  

According to FASTER new approach of involving FR in the development phase based on their participation in a continuous usability and performance assessment program of the tools, each of them has monitored the development of technologies in a seamless process of cooperation, exchange of information and training.

The project outcomes have been tested and validated in 5 main pilots (in Spain, Italy and Finland) and 7 additional piloting activities carried out in France, Greece, Japan, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

On the 4th of April, an exhibition of the FASTER technologies will be organized in Madrid at the Escuela Nacional  de Proteccion Civil, where First Responders will be able to have a hands-on experience with all the tools. On April 5th, the final demonstration will take place in the same area. Subsequently, an event is organized aiming at discussing the results of the project from the first responders’ perspective and opening a window on the exploitation phase.

We are proud to invite you to the “FASTER Final Event” with the following



April 4th, 2022


09:00-11:00           Deployment of tools

11:00-13:00            FASTER Demos

13:00-14:00           Lunch

14:00-16:30           FASTER Demos

16:30-17:00            First Day Wrap-up

April 5th, 2022



09:00-10:00          Preparation of demonstration

10:00-13:00           FASTER Final Demonstration

13:00-14:00           Stakeholders Workshop

14:00-15:00           Lunch


15:00-15:10           Opening Remarks                                                 

15:10-15:30            Local Authority                             

15:30-15:45           FASTER outline                              

15:45-16:00           Coffee Break

16:00-16:10          Advisory Board member view

16:10-17:15            First Responders’ view                

17:15-17:45            Cluster projects                             

17:45-18:00           Conclusions – Future Vision 

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