TRILLION proposes an innovative socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration between citizens and law-enforcement agencies.

To achieve this, TRILLION provides multiple channels for incident discovery, prediction, reporting and interaction. Citizens will have the choice of using existing social networks or directly reporting incidents via native mobile applications.

Through such reporting via the TRILLION platform, law-enforcement agencies will be able to detect incidents more efficiently, with information collected used to detect and respond to unfolding security situations in real time. To do this, the platform will employ a wide range of geo-location technologies, including those that enhance incident reporting in confined spaces, such as shopping malls, cinema complexes, event areas and stadiums.

In order to ensure that the information collected is complete, whilst still respecting privacy and other national and EU regulations, TRILLION will conduct advanced data mining and use classification techniques to highlight the relevance of information to law-enforcement agencies, whilst a comprehensive security framework will ensure the privacy and integrity of user data.

To increase awareness and foster uptake of the platform, TRILLION will use two Serious Game applications. One will focus on facilitating the training of law-enforcement agencies in its use. The other will seek to increase awareness amongst citizens of how they can contribute to improved urban security through the platform. TRILLION will build on its developers' prior experience working with citizens and public authorities, and on the expertise of its law-enforcement partners. A range of piloting and early validation phases will be held across different locations and different contexts.