Collapsed building (natural or man-made disaster)

Earthquake in Madrid

The application of FASTER will be first demonstrated in a multi-storey building collapse case. The scenario revolves around a structural failure that triggers the complete collapse of a building in an urban environment. Possible escalation factors in terms of the risks such a situation poses to first responders include: building materials, building contents (e.g. storage of chemicals), presence of fire and weather conditions. These conditions may bring about physical hazards (e.g. unstable rubble pile, electrical equipment or sharp objects) or chemical hazards.

Event: An earthquake of 7.3 degrees on the Richter scale struck at 17:00 local time, affecting a populated area.

Earthquake zone climate: Continental climate. European population. Mediterranean culture.

Duration: 12 hours

Procedure used: request of international assistance due to the magnitude of the disaster in the country, there is a need of urban search and Rescue Team (USAR) teams, using INSARAG guidelines for the whole exercise.

Spanish National School for Civil Protection

Spanish National School for Civil Protection

The Spanish pilot site is at km 19 of the A-3 Madrid-Valencia road (exit 19). Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Madrid)