Day 1–21 March 2022

21:00-24:30 JST / 13:00-16:30 CET D1B Presentation of FASTER project (Prerecorded) (English) (180 mins)

  • Dr. Anastasios Dimou(The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas) “Introduction to FASTER project”
  • Mr. Nikola Radojevic(ENG) “FASTER Common Operational Picture (COP) System ”
  • Dr. Angel Soriano (Robotonik) / Mr. Marco Luna (Drone Hopper)  “Presentation A: “FASTER Unmanned Groud Vehicles (UGV)” / Presentation B: “FASTER Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”
  • Dr. Claudio Rossi(LINKS FOUNDATION)  “FASTER Mobile Application for effective response management and Social Media Analysis for monitoring and event detection”
  • Break
  • Proefssor Dimitrios Kogias (University of West Attica) “FASTER Wearables”
  • Mr. Guillaume Inglese (CS GROUP)  “FASTER Augmented Reality Tools for Operational Support”
  • Dr. Panos Karkazis (Synelixis) “FASTER Communications Technologies”